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Joe Kaplan-GSFphoto

Joe Kaplan

Joe is a proven leader and key influencer in large corporate organizations, and he is an entrepreneur with extensive start-up expertise in several industries including consumer packaged goods, technology, financial, and healthcare.

Joe and his wife Kathryn are One River franchise owners. Joe is at the early stages of his own personal journey of art knowledge and exploration. He is thrilled to join the One River Team to inspire people through compelling art education. Joe understands how important it is to have fun along the way!

He believes that the One River experience for students, from young children to adults alike, is truly rewarding and valuable for a lifetime. Joe looks forward to meeting you soon to get to know you and to experience this incredible creative journey together.


Kathryn Kaplan
Assistant Director

Kathryn and her husband Joe are One River franchise owners on this wonderful journey to transform art education. Kathryn has a science degree from Rutgers University, and she has worked together with Joe for many years in several different business entities before venturing into this exciting world of Art.

Kathryn is looking forward to exploring her own creative talents, while sharing the joy of contemporary art with students of every age. She is very excited to meet all of the art enthusiasts, educators, and contemporary artists to grow creatively together in the comfort of One River’s studio, while keeping it fun and making new friends along the way.

She is thrilled to share the One River experience with students, as she believes there is a great arts community and culture in Monmouth County. She looks forward to meeting you soon to experience the joy and fun that One River has to offer!


Nicole DeBarberie
Art Instructor

Nicole DeBarberie is an artist and graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Illustration. She completed her graduate studies with an MAT from the Monmouth University School of Education. Her accolades include the SVA Chairman’s Merit Award, Graduate Fellowship Award, and she was a NJ Distinguished Student Teacher Award nominee. With over a decade of teaching experience, her students have spanned the ages of 3 - 83 years old. She delivers art instruction tailored to diverse learning styles and strives to motivate students of all abilities and skill levels. Nicole is also the founder of DeBarberie Studio, an art business specializing in a variety of handmade creations including works in ink, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. With a strong passion for the process of creative problem solving, artistic exploration and collaboration, Nicole is thrilled to share her desire to inspire at One River School of Art + Design.


Noelle LiVolsi

Noelle LiVolsi is an illustrator with a background in advertising design. While studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she was drawn to both traditional and digital media, and uses a blend of illustration and graphic design in her work. She believes that the freedom to explore and push one's boundaries is an essential skill as an artist. To her, great art comes from allowing inspiration to come from anywhere, anyone, and anything that resonates with a person. Noelle enjoys experimenting with different media and particularly likes working with gouache, inks, and engravings. She loves getting others as excited about art as she gets, whether it's by talking about an artist, discussing a piece, or working together to create something wonderful.


Carla Puorro

Carla Puorro’s first experience teaching art was at the Ocean County Artists’ Guild, where as a high school student she co-instructed children’s classes. She went on to graduate with a BFA from Pratt Institute. She has done web design for the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, and her work has been featured in publications such as Out Magazine, The Beacon, and Asia on Wave. When she isn’t making painstakingly-detailed drawings with increasingly botanical themes, she is photographing her many, many plants. In addition to teaching at One River, Carla works as a freelance artist and also creates and sells handmade jewelry inspired by the wilderness of New Jersey.


Haley Potter
Art Instructor

Haley Potter is an illustrator and cartoonist living in New Jersey. She creates comics and illustrations inspired by science fiction, fantasy, and rock and roll. Haley received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in 2017, where she graduated with highest honors. When she’s not in the studio, Haley spends her time at concerts - designing posters, album art, and merchandise for local musicians. Haley has taught at a variety of art programs and summer camps, and is incredibly excited to help inspire the next generation of artists at One River.

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Alexa James
Art Instructor

Alexa is a graduate from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning and experience in Illustration. She loves working traditionally with pencil, ink and paint and is fascinated by finding new ways to use each artistic tool. Her work is inspired by animals and fantasy based characters and has a love for children's comics and illustration.

Alexa has published children's books with up-and-coming local authors and has assisted published cartoonists with various projects. She is passionate about bringing art to children and young adults as a means for them to express themselves and discover who they are through various mediums and projects. Comics have always spoken to her as a means to tell stories, and she loves inspiring young minds with those same comics and learning about what motivates them to make their own works.

Art Instructor

Emily Gachko graduated from Ramapo College of NJ in 2014 with a Visual Arts degree with a concentration in Photography. She is currently a high school art teacher, focusing on all 2D disciplines, and enjoys working with her students across a wide variety of mediums. In her free time, she maintains her own Photography practice, and hopes to pursue a Masters degree in the near future.

Emily is excited to be teaching at One River because of the many different opportunities they afford students to explore creative expression. She hopes to encourage students to experiment in all different areas of art-making, and is especially excited to work with individuals from all different ages and backgrounds to bring out their artistic voice. Emily can't wait to see what her students bring into the classroom!

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